ANA goes Europe: Findings from the German Midfield

In may 2015 we visited 10 German cities, talked to 16 stakeholders and drove 2237 km in only 5 days. This speed-trip to the German Midfield learned us what the combination of political consistency, social innovation and enterprising architects can bring to the housing assignment.
Take a look at our latest blog to see our findings so far.


What’s Next?
The trips to Scandinavia and Germany have shown us a part of Europe that is doing well, by healthy economies as well as by a well-organized society. Things function, policies are executed.
In October we will visit Spain & Portugal; the Southern survivors. This part of Europe has had more trouble to survive in a turbulent context of large financial problems, immigration overflow and a less stable political history.
We are now preparing this trip. You can help us. If you know of interesting developments or relevant local contacts, please let us know!


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